15. des, 2017



Oivind Armand Halvorsen

Rockets for peace
What is a rocket for peace? Answer: A rocket for peace is a rocket that prevents war.
North Korea has now shown a rocket that can reach all cities in the United States. Probably with nuclear charge.
This is being shown by Americans as if Koreans go to war with the United States.
A small country with 28 million citizens wanting war with the United States ?!
What are the Koreans wanting? They want peace and not war. Since 1950, North Korea has technically hosted a war with the United States and South Korea. They only have a ceasefire deal to relate to.
North Korea wants a peace agreement. They want to end that Americans and South Koreans simulate wars against their country twice a year. They want normal diplomatic relations with Americans and all other countries.
There is not much insight to understand why a country wants normal conditions. The annual war exercises aimed at them are an expensive affair. They never know if a simulated attack is simulated or not. Hostile in both circumstances. This forces North Korea to constantly be on duty. Holding a standing army of more than one million men for a small country is profoundly economical.
A rocket of peace? North Korea's missiles are going to be deterrent to the United States. If the United States were to do something as foolish as attacking, then Koreans would be able to respond to the attack. In practice, they will be able to eradicate the United States. If only a rocket reaches the target, the American network of elctrisity can be destroyed. This will lead (according to the experts) that nine of ten of the United States population will die. Thus, an outrage as the Americans are fully aware of. North Korea and also large areas in the country's vicinity will suffer from the same.
South Korea wants no war. Japan wants no war. There is also good reason to believe that the American people do not want such a destructive war for themselves.
The Americans have always claimed that North Korea must quit its rocket and nuclear tests before it can be negotiated. Well, Koreans have not done any tests for two months. But have there been any negotiations? No, not what I know.
What about China and Russia? Can they force the solution that the wreckers in the United States want?
Very unlikely. Putin has stated that Koreans rather than giving off their nuclear weapons either eat grass. The Chinese are more interested in their economic affairs, but at the same time they do not want the Americans at their borders.
Nor should we ignore the fact that the superpowers that have a lot of nuclear weapons prefer a monopoly on these weapons.
But the world is changing all the time. Actually, only one thing that is absolute here in the world is the movement, the change. The time is well soon by then the big can not do what they want with the little ones.
North Korea has once been put into ruins by American bombs. It was almost no stone back on stone. In the end, the Americans bombed the demons and caused huge floods. The United States is a war crimes state that does not take any consideration.
But as we see, "there is a nemesis through life"

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